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M.MAP - Modular based Motion Algorithm Portfolio

European Union Since spring 2013 we lead a research project financed by Investitionsbank Berlin. It is a cooperation between Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut and scientific|Media.

At our work focusing on film restoration and other technical demands concerning moving image content, we often had to get along with the flaws of available technology.
Now, this cooperation offers us the chance, to prove, that together we posses the knowledge and ability to develop better tools..

Rainer M. Engel, CEO - Head of DevelopmentEFRE

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Cooperation with the Georg-August-University, Göttingen

We participate in an advisory role and as a service provider in the interdisciplinary research project PALMEDES of the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung. It is the aim of this project to make accessible two medieval manuscripts of great historic significancy, including fragments of the greek tragedian Euripides (see image left).
For more Information, please visit the projects website..

Additionally we were asked by the projects supervisor, Felix Albrecht, to develop an automatic image processing workflow for digital imagery. This specialized workflow is planned to be integrated in future projects.

Developements 2012

Next to completed projects of the year, we put great effort to our pipeline the last months. Beneath the engagement to solve problems in the first place, we focused on optimising these solution further. Doing so, we developed around 50 enhancements in this manner.
Working on digital image restoration the time won by these tools often is found to be as much as several hours or sometimes even days. This is because of the large amounts of single frames, which has a great impact even if an enhancement saves only a few milliseconds per frame.

Remarkable Developements:

  • Own Project-Segmentation (Scene-Detection) and -Management
  • Render-Manager

Showroom Metropolis

Metropolis-Showroom Early 2010 we completed our work share on the restoration of Fritz Langs Metropolis in time for the premier at the 60th Berlinale festival. On a seperate webpage we present examples of our work and showroom breakdowns and technical demos.
Link to the Metropolis 27/10 showroom.

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We have extensive experience in the field of digital media production, software development, conceptual planning and project supervision. With this diversified competence we can offer our customers a wide range of support for all kinds of media projects.


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